Welcome to Rising Star Football Academy

RSFA is a player development academy where we aim to provide our young footballers with a passion for the game. Through good technique, advanced knowledge, good discipline, sportsmanship and a competitive edge, we will continually strive for excellence and we ask that you as parents and guardians encourage, attend and share in your child’s journey.Rising Star Football Academy football practices are action-packed with football practices, coaching and fun football games all designed for age specific learning–  the perfect way for football crazy children to spend their day or an excellent means to enhance their skills during the holidays. Rising Star weekly sessions provide firm foundations for future football success and ensure that every child enjoys a springboard to success within and outside the classroom.

Rising Star Football Academy Focus

Rising Star Football Academy only offers the GOLD standard, focused on the 10 core values of sport and education:

  1. Understanding
  2. Discipline
  3. Respect
  4. Technique
  5. Practice
  6. Motivation
  7. Knowledge
  8. Competition
  9. Achievement
  10. Reward 


To inspire and develop every rising star.


Our vision is for;

Every child to have fun
Every child to improve
Every child to be challenged to exceed their current context
Every child to feel special
Every child to make lasting memories
Every child to understand the correct way to play football
Every child to have the desire to continue their football journey

Core Beliefs and Values

We provide a safe and fun environment in which all players can progress
We teach core skills which each player can improve from learning
We educate each player to succeed on and off the field
We instil belief, passion and discipline
We care for each players sporting and academic success
We are role models and guidance counsellors
We communicate openly and honestly with our players and parents
We are coaches that make lasting impressions

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All our sessions and camps are built and directed on the belief that any sport should be fun while also challenging. We should develop both skills and friendships and we should promote good sportsmanship and team participation, including leadership and ‘being a team player’.We also like to cover the importance of fitness and nutrition and work with experts in both these fields to ensure we can cover parent’s questions and concerns in these areas, as well as knowing that we are delivering appropriate exercise and information to our students.

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