Tricks Week with the Little Brazilian

Throughout the course of 2015 we will be providing a spotlight on different aspects of the game. This week we are focusing on Tricks! Tricks are fun and help players improve their concentration, poise and touch. Coaches have contributed their favourite tricks, not all are difficult and we would like you to try and replicate as well as innovate and send us some of your own tricks.

Day 1 – Coach Andy – ‘The Crostar’

Football Tricks Week – Coach Andy RSFA – ‘The Crostar’

Day 2 – Coach Marc – ‘The Marcabulous’

Tricks Week – Day 2. Coach Marc presents ‘The Marcabulous’

Day 3 – Coach Michelle – ‘The Dorothy’

Football Tricks Week – Day 3 2015 – Busan South Korea RSFA

Day 4 – Coach James – ‘The Poise’

Football Tricks Week – Coach James RSFA – ‘The Poise’