Summer Tour 2016

The Rising Star Football Academy summer tour to Europe 2016 is already in the planning. The summer tour is a wonderful experience for the players and provides a platform for them to demonstrate their talent to a wider audience, as well as developing their cultural horizons. In 2014 and 2015 we visited the Norway Cup and had a superb experience, making lasting memories.


Many parents have already expressed the desire to commit to the tour for 2016 so here is the first instalment.

In an attempt to reduce costs and having surveyed the accommodation and accessibility for the DANA Cup we will most likely take the ‘Stay in School’ option in Denmark and the hotel option in Norway. All standard meals will be covered in the cost.

First we must choose which tour length is most desirable for the majority of our players.

This is the link to the google form to express your preference, or opt out of further communication about the summer tour –

**This is not a commitment just to gauge interest**


The cost above is very much an approximate guesstimation it could be a little bit lower or a little bit higher, but it won’t vary extremely. Factors include corporate sponsorship and booking costs.

Option One – 2 weeks – July 25th – August 6th 2016

Dana Cup – Hjorring – 

Norway Cup – Oslo –

Travelling from Korea Approx Cost – $2500

Making your own way and meeting us in Denmark Approx Cost – $1500

Option Two – 1 Week – July 31st – August 6th 2016

Norway Cup

Travelling from Korea Approx Cost – $2000

Making your own way and meeting us in Norway Approx Cost – $800


Flights and flight times are currently an excellent price. The earlier we book the better the price


We will also seek Corporate Sponsorship for the tour. Last year Horizon Resources International, Inpex, Sticky Fingers and the Wolfhound sponsored the tour and received excellent exposure in the local community, expat community, national and international media. We are hopeful that we can receive sponsorship again. If your company would like to assist please let me know.


In the lead up to the tour we hold some fundraising events to cover extra activities such as extra special team meals, activities (theme parks, football or event visits, or others)

Age Groups & Categories

Depending on those who wish to tour this summer we will look at the possible age groups and categories which best fit our group. The minimum age of any player for this tour will be those born in 2006 and the maximum age those born in 1997. If your son or daughter falls outside that age group then let’s have a conversation to see if there is something we can work out.

We are excited to get booked up and ready for 2016. Join the event on Facebook for latest;