James McAloon - Technical Director Vietnam

James is a talented coach who holds an FFA/AFC B Licence and FA 1 & FA 2 Badges and will complete his FFA/AFC A Licence in November 2017. James is currently training to be a coach of coaches under the supervision of the Football Federation Australia and is current Head Coach of the semi professional African Team Vietnam.

Andrew Cronin - Technical Director Korea

Andrew holds an FFA/AFC C Licnece and is a talented footballer. Andrew has been an ever present for all five of Wonshot Wanderers FC promotions from 2006 to 2013, he has won the Ulsan Cup 2012 and 2015, the Ulsan Amateur Division 2 title 2012, the Ulsan Amateur Division 1 Title 2013 and 2015 and was top goalscorer in all five of those triumphs. Andrew is FA Level 1, Level 2 and has completed the FFA C License in Cairns in 2015.

Matthew O’Brien - Head Coach Vietnam

Matt is a talented goalkeeper and coach from Co.Tyrone, Ireland. His playing and coaching background is in Gaelic Football. He has represented his club and county at the highest levels, and has been coaching since an early age. Matt holds a UEFA/IFA B Licence and has also completed his Level 1 and 2 coaching badges in Gaelic Football. Since moving to Korea in 2011, Matt has been the goalkeeper for the Won Shot Wanderers and captain since 2013. He has won the Ulsan Cup 2012 and 2015, the Ulsan Amateur Division 2 title 2012, the Ulsan Amateur Division 1 Title 2013 and 2015, Jandi Cup 2013, UIVC Cup 2014 and 2015. He was also awarded the Ulsan League Player of the year in 2013.

Gearoid Byrne - Head Coach Busan and Koje

Gearoid or as we like to call him 'The little Wizard' is a converted GAA Gaelic footballer. For those of you how do not know what Gealic football is here is a good link, Gaelic Football. Gearoid Byrne a Business and Sports Management graduate from the Waterford Institute of Technology, a FAI Qualified coach and currently studying for his advanced coach pathway FFA C Licence which he will complete in October 2016. Gearoid is an exceptionally talented footballer and coach and will provide the fun and inspiring environment that will allow students to grow. Gearoid has also won the Ulsan Cup 2012 and 2015, the Ulsan Amateur Division 2 title 2012, the Ulsan Amateur Division 1 Title 2013 and 2015. Gearoid is known for is attention to detail, trickery and acts of flamboyance on the field.


Jonny Heaslip - Coach

Jonny's passion for sports began at an very young age. While in secondary school Jonny was wholly involved in his schools' teams in soccer, rugby and cricket. He also captained some of these at various points over the years. Between joining Birr Rugby Football Club in 2012 and leaving Ireland in 2014, they they won league promotion and a provincial plate that year. Jonny was personally awarded most improved player award that year and a player of the year award the following year. It was here at Birr RFC when he started getting an interest in coaching and began to do so at an underage level. Since joining Rising Stars, Jonny has also joined Won Shot Wanderers Football Club and won the 2015 Ulsan Cup and has had the opportunity to captain the team. He takes great pride in his coaching, is keen to bring the enjoyment element while also insuring basics are constant and correct.

Patrick Schiebel - Head Coach Busan

Patrick from Denmark has played his youth football at Farum BK, the youth club of Danish Superliga team FC Nordsjælland. Has an education in Sports Management and will complete his UEFA C Licence in Denmark in July 2016. Patrick has scouted in South Korea's K-League previously. He has also been on several study trips to top European clubs such as Swansea City and Hamburg SV. His ambition is to work with football on all continents.

Jay Kay Kim - Coach

Jay Kay has been coaching with RSFA for many years he is much loved by all the players and is KFA Level 3 Coach qualified. Jay Kay has won the Ulsan league Division 2 Title in 2013, the Division 1 Title is 2014 and The Ulsan Cup in 2012 and 2015.

Michelle Maddox - Coach

Michelle has coached with Rising Stars since 2013, after moving to Korea from the United States. Growing up in Texas, she spent most of her free time on the soccer field playing for her Youth League Team, Wildfire. Due to an injury in high school she had to step away from the game but is thrilled to be back “in”, coaching from the sidelines. In addition to coaching, she can be seen playing for the Won Shot Wanderers FC and is Captain of Marvel FC, an Ulsan Expat Women’s team.

Hannah Catlett - Coach

Hannah’s soccer coaching career began in 2013 with the Rising Stars Football Academy in South Korea. Hannah is still a student of the game herself, having just become involved with soccer, but she has always been involved with team sports, with the majority of her youth spent playing softball, volleyball, and running track. Through these avenues, Hannah fostered a strong desire to work with students in developing their individual sporting skills, improving fitness levels, and cultivating love for the game – whichever game they may choose to play. When Hannah reached college and began her engineering education, she continued playing sports in recreation leagues and began coaching youth league basketball, softball, and volleyball teams. Moving to Korea opened up more opportunities for Hannah to refine her coaching style and learn a new a whole new sport! She began playing for a women’s expat soccer team, Marvel FC, under Coach James and began coaching at Rising Stars in soccer, and at Busan International Foreign School in volleyball. Hannah works to instill excellence on and off the field, reminding students that “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard,” Hannah is a USSF F Licence qualified coach and will complete her USSF E Licence in August 2016.

Marc Junior Tamunang - Coach

Growing up in Africa I didn’t have that many options, a tennis racket and balls were too expensive, I was too small to handle a basketball, so the natural option was kicking around any round object I could use as a football. It was so easy to have fun with all the other kids from the block plus that is really the only thing we could do when we were not in school. There were no Playstations or other video games. It is more difficult for children of this generation to have a real passion for the game with all the options they have, so it takes more than knowing how to play to get the new generation of children involved body and soul into football. I remember for my 11th birthday my Dad had to pay extra to the cable company to get the football channel, so I could watch football and related documentaries 24/7. Needless to say two months into it he regretted his choice because I had no homework done and my grades started dropping. The truth is I hardly do remember any of my teachers name during my school years, the only one I can recall is a teacher who used to call everyone names. However the names and lessons of all my football coaches are stored in my head with all the things I learned from each of them. I carried this throughout my playing days so that is the kind of passion and love for the game I try to transmit to all the kids I have ever coached. I have come across some great players and the best thing in life to me is to be able to share my knowledge and love for the game. The coaches at Rising Star are some of the best I have come across and I do believe that the kids training with the academy are in good hands.” Marc has over fifteen years professional football experience with professional clubs across the world. Marc is CAF Level 3 trained and keen to progress further.