Geoje Sessions


Age 8 and Under - 14:30 - 16:00

Age 8 and Over - 16:00 - 17:30

Songjung pitch address is 323, songjung ri, yeoncho myeon, Geojesi 거제시 연초면 송정리 323.

The field if you have not been to it is under the road as you head out of Okpo. Turn left out of the Admiral Hotel entrance and turn right down the steep hill just before you hit the highway to head away and out of Koje. Drive to the bottom and turn left, the pitch is the green field under the overhead road. It is about 5 minutes from ISK


Saturday 10:00 - 11:30 Age 4-11

Saturday 10:45 - 13:15 Age 12 and Over

Deokpo Beach Futsal Field

f you have a GPS you can add this telephone number into the GPS and it will take you to the restaurant on the corner. From here you will see the pitch about 50 metres ahead under the over head bridge.


If you do not have a GPS the easiest way to describe the location is as follows.

- Exit the highway following the sign to Deokpo beach

- As you drive toward Okpo from Deokpo beach with the sea on your left side there will be an entrance for 'GeojeEnglishVillage' Turn right down this road. (If you have passed 'Angel is us coffee' on your right hand side you have gone too far)

- Drive down this road for less than a minute and take a right. (It is the only right hand turn off this road)

- Drive less than 2 minutes and look under the overhead bridge and you will see green metal fencing follow the road up to the field. (There will be an orange roofed beef restaurant on the corner just before you turn, photos attached) 

We currently train twice a week in Koje.